Dear lovely Cinderellas!,

Welcome to my blog! I feel nervous and confused on what the hell should I do with this? Seriously, I have no idea what this is all about. But anyway, first of all I am Nikki Regalario. As of now, I’m 15 years old and will be turning 16 on September. I am from the island of Luzon located in the Philippines. Particularly in Manila. I have two siblings, Jonan and Mikee, and I am the youngest of them all. Simply grew up with the care of my lovely parents, Mike and Cecille. By the end of May, school’s already heating up and I can’t think of any better way to spend my last days of Summer.

But suddenly, I came up with a thought of sharing my insights for fashion and music.

How will I be able to shout to the world about my desires and dreams?

And here I am now, with my very first post. Introducing to you “Spicy Cinderella”! This is a mixed-up blog about my own styles and lifestyle. I’ll be including different stories of my life but often, I’ll be blogging about fashion and my own thoughts about music.

You might think I’m all girly and brat but I’m not. I am just really fashionable and bubbly that I can’t live without those pastel-colored jeans and tops. I actually beat up boys when I was young. I started being mature and well-dressed when I turned around 13. I like to smile in front of the camera but honestly am too shy to do videos. I’m a girl who do self-cams and often act all vain.

I seldom wear heels; too much for flats. I’m not that conservative, though. I wear skirts and dresses at malls and parties. I wear eye-glasses but remove them during pictorials. I don’t know, I guess I look better without them. I often buy clothes at signature brands but I also spend money at thrift shops (hey! It’s cheaper!) . I don’t actually follow the styles that’s in; I kinda liked them after a month or 2. Guess I’m not that type of girl either. Well, that’s how I live with the trends and no one shall dare question that.

Music. My love for this is infinite. I can’t even describe the feelings I experience every time I have the chance of hearing the ones I love most. My favorites mostly include KPop songs. My iPod playlist mostly include KPop songs too. And without a doubt, my cell phone playlist does too! And Yes! I’m a KPop fan. Haters here? lol just accept it. We have different worlds.

(below are some of the albums I own; not complete. I’m an elf, which means I love Super Junior the most)Image

I also dance, by the way. I’m also the type of girl who moves her feet whenever something plays. Whatever genre occurs, I love it. It doesn’t mean that if I’m a KPop fan, I have no interest in the others anymore. I actually sing too! (Often in the shower, though…) But hey, let’s not focus on my dancing stuffs for now. Maybe I’ll save it up for a next article.

And now, I’ll be explaining the reason why I even thought of the Spicy Cinderella name.

I first thought of it when I was still starting in Twitter. Since I am a KPop fan, I was thinking of something more suitable in my state. I first had “myshiningstar15” as my username and I can’t tell you guys the story behind that (hehe), then I changed it to “kim_shin15” since I have this Korean crush in school (ok ok I’ll stop with that.. haha) and weeks passed already with that name hanging around my timeline. But then suddenly! A great idea popped into my mind. Since this Super Junior member, Kim Heechul (the one at the upper right corner of my KPop album collection picture), is the one I really admire the most among all those fair-skinned, toned-abs, fluffy-haired, handsome Korean Idols – I thought that I should then be naming my Twitter Username as something related to him! And since he wore this crazy chili costume when I first attended their concert here in Manila (SS3- SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW 3), the term “Spicy” occurred into my mind. I just needed another word to fit the incomplete username.

Heechul Oppa (Korean term) is a fairy tale lover (I find him cute with this fact). His favorite character is Cinderella since he thinks that she’s the most beautiful Princess of them all. And speaking of princesses, he also likes dressing up as someone as pretty as a princess. That’s why he practically named himself the “Cinderella” of Super Junior. Honestly speaking, Heechul Oppa is a pretty lady when you turn himself to that kind of creature. He’s probably prettier than any Korean girl… And there, I combined the two words then got myself the “Spicycinderella” username. Since then, I use the same username and I have no intention of changing it.

So then I wanted to make a blog; the only thing missing was the title I’ll be giving it. Just considering the fact that Cinderella is one of the characters everyone adores, I find her a great reason to fit the statement Fashion. To make it a little more interesting, let’s not forget the word Spicy. Now we have a sizzling hot princess alive! And you can be just like her. Just like what my tagline says, “Spice up the Cinderella in you”. Now that’s fashion.

I’m already thankful to those people who’ll be reading this and found some time to spend scrolling over my blog. Thank you so much and I really hope you’ll enjoy the future articles I’ll be sending away sometime.

hugs and kisses xoxo,

nikki regalario


Cinderella thoughts:

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