Pastel-colored Italian Look

As you may all know, I’m not the type of girl who wears heels when I’m not required. But then if the style is right, why not try it for a change?


My family and I went to Baguio just last week for a Summer outing. Minutes after these photos were taken, we headed straight to the Strawberry field so I took advantage of the first few minutes of the day for a photoshoot session. I pumped myself up with an Italy style to complete the perfect vacation.

ImageI had my heels on that morning just for these shots but yes, I did change after to Nike Shoes since I won’t allow myself going to a farm field wearing heels (LOL). Anyway, since the weather in Baguio is cooler than in Manila, I brought myself a long-sleeve denim to cover up. I bought it from Forever 21. My light pink sleeveless shirt was actually a T-shirt before but I cut the sleeves to make it look a little sexy. The fitting is honestly great! I got that one in Forever 21 as well. I really like the pastel pink of that shirt. It looks cute and hot at the same time.


Another Forever 21 branded here is my necklace which is one of the presents my brother got me for the past Christmas. The camera design suits the concept of the photoshoot. Its color jammed well with the shirt. It looked more fashionable and sweet. A combination of my  bracelets and bangles also suited the picture. Its bright yellow colors caught the attention of the passers-by during the trip. My pastel-colored jeans from Freshgear are a so-get item! It’s not too shaggy nor eye-catching at the same time. Its perfect fit is the one I really love the most about it. The straight-cut edges look really good and it makes a lady’s legs look thinner and sexier. The heels and jeans are totally a perfect combination!

ImageAnd to finally complete the perfect Italian look, I added up my strong Red-colored beanie. This is my favorite part of the whole outfit. This I got from a thrift shop only. Though it still fits the concept perfectly! On every corners of Baguio, you’ll find different thrift shops that would sell clothes in a very low price. But I guarantee you that they’re fully fixed and clean. And let me tell you a simple tip, visit their night market and I bet you’ll scream like “whoah”!

Hope this helped you from your wardrobe-problem! Sometime let’s hang out and act like we’re from Italy but then I guess we won’t have to act since we’ll really feel like a true Italian with our Pastel-colored Italian fashion.


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