Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom, who just turned 46 years old last May 4, hasn’t changed even the slightest bit. She’s still the type of mom who makes you laugh with tears from some simple mistakes she always kind of makes. My mom will never bring us down and she would always pick us up whenever we fall. Together with our dad, they taught us to be confident and smart with our decisions. Nothing will stop us from loving them.

Image(my sister, me, my brother, and our mom)

Ma. Cecilia Dy Buco Regalario. That’s how everyone knows her. But still, to us, she is someone more than that name that every inch of her powers lies beneath those words. Mommy is not just the light of the family, she brings out the light from each of us. She makes us proud always and no one needs to bother telling her what to do, she does them automatically. From cleaning the floors to cooking the meals. And when I say cleaning, gosh~ you’ll see her doing it every minute of the day. (I kinda think that she does that too during her work /omg/)


Our love for her is infinite. Nothing will ever make us regret her existence.

Mom! Sorry for the wrong things I’ve done since I was still a fragile baby and until I’m fully grown up. I can’t promise you anything beyond your imaginations, but I’m sure I’ll make you proud someday ❤ Happy Mother’s Day!!! /hugs and kisses! xoxo/ :* >:D<


And to all the mommies around the world, HAVE A BLESSED AND WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY! All your children are truly proud of you as well ❤


Cinderella thoughts:

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