Under the Sun

I forgot to include in my last post that I finally decided to change my header and background :)

So what do you think guys, is this better than the first one? ‘Cause for me, I certainly love this.


A friend of my mom invited our family to her house last Saturday. And obviously, I took the advantage of having a photo shoot just outside her gate. Hahaha *-*



I just wore something simple but chick. Oh yeah, this is the dress I said about at my last post! As promised, I’ll be showing it off to you, guys! So ta-dah~ A reminder, I got it from Sophie Paris. I often wear this honestly since I really like how loose it is and how it fits my arms somehow.


As you can see, my hair’s kinda scattered all over! I even had a verrrry hard time having the photo shoot since the wind was like blending at that moment and it kinda planned by itself to irritate me. -.- It succeeded btw. Poor hair :( lol So okay, at least I still got great shots just please don’t mind the mperfections(seriously, pleaseeeee). 8_8


School’s coming up just few blocks away and I’m still not ready. I haven’t enrolled yet and I still don’t have pens and notebooks. I am a very nice student. Brava. Speaking of school, I might not be able to update that much when it starts since I’ll be very busy with my studies and all. My parents are strict, no kidding. Probably I’ll not be able to post day by day unlike this usual routine I had during summer but I still swear that I’ll somehow pick out a quick solution — like maybe post 3 articles every Saturday…? That’s okay with you, guys, right?


(please don’t mind my hair..)

And because of this School crisis coming up, my next post will be related with Education fashion. Sounds cool, eh? :) I might not be able to give tips on how to look good in uniforms (lol, really? Look good in uniforms? Since when?.. HAHA), but I’ll heat up with few advices on College genre (or maybe even to those schools that allow casual on regular days. Lucky.).


Moving back to the main topic… my shoes are from Taiwan. Yes. Yes. My bro gave them to me! I wonder what I’ll receive from him this Christmas especially now that he has work… *-* Imagine, when he was still just an Atenean student and not yet working, he got me heels, bags and accessories.. but now. Oh gosh. Hope I’ll get a car. Porsche in particular :)

Lol just kidding bro. I know you’ll see this post since you visit my blog and actually take time to read my long captions and silly words. Hello.

Am I talking too much? Haha. Guess I’m in the mood to write.


My belt and necklace are from SM Accessories and my earrings are from Vanity Accessories. Now this two departments/shops are soooo pretty. You’ll seriously find anything there! I just knew about Vanity this early summer and since then, boom-boom wardrobe accessories :) Oh look, seems like I don’t have any Forever 21 on that day. Good for me. ^__^ I bet this is an unexpected achievement lmao.


I’m also a nail polish/nail-art addict, fyi. Since summer’s the only season I’m allowed to have them on (I can’t in school) , I honestly always have different styles almost every week! And to your surprise, I’m the only one who does them ;) No help at all — no nail art salon needed! So this one that I still have on since this day, is just a bright yellow glittered-style polish. Got them from Etude House. It matches my earrings, too!



Did I write too much in this article? I shouldn’t repeat this ever again. It’s embarrassing, really. >_< Hahaha Anyway, I actually had fun that day and the village was so fresh and clean. I better live someday at a place like this one, too :)

(Photographed by Jonan Regalario)


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