Mistakes lead to Happiness

I was never okay with such mistakes I do. I would always find myself hating every single bit of it. I keep on trying and trying, but it seems like nothing was ever meant for me. And so I would stop and let anything be. But after some time, I realized their purposes. Life is meant to make mistakes; mistakes change us all.

Before I was able to read Neil Gaiman’s note for everyone, I was scared. More than scared actually, that I lead in making decisions I never even wanted. I just do what’s right since they told me they are for the best. But I would always end up not wanting the image of that perfection. There was no challenge at all, so I was used to them. I was never thrilled nor excited. I guess what I wanted were adventures and misfits. Yes, misfits. A lot of them. Is it weird of me wanting some mistakes happening in my life?

I want change. I always say to myself that no one can ever tell me what to do. No one can ever force me. The only person who can control my life and my future is myself. That’s the only thing tha­t would never change. And so I told my soul, to follow my heart. Even though it would tell me things my mind would disagree with, I’ll still do them. Life is too short for useless decisions. We have different purposes on this world and we have to make them.

Life is full of things we have never even imagined would exist. Some might make us happy while others might bring us down but that doesn’t stop the beat of our hearts; that doesn’t make us losers. They will actually make us stronger. These are the mistakes we will learn from. These are those that will make us to someone great and extraordinary. They will make us realize that nothing more is better than us because everyone makes mistakes and we are therefore equal. It is just within ourselves whether we will give up or strive harder.

And as for me, I will keep on hoping.

I will keep on wishing on every shooting star and keep my head up on every problem. I will not tell myself, “That’s fine”, because nothing will ever be because there is always something better than anything and I will not stop on reaching that. I might trip on each step but I will always push myself to stand up.

Mistakes don’t define what kind of person we are, because mistakes define who will accept us in behalf of mistakes we have done. So we should keep on losing in every way possible because this will let ourselves realize the wrong sides of the ones we thought were right and we will be able to find not just the real ‘us’ but the real foes in us. I will keep on trying and failing until I reach my goal. And with this, I will not just change my perception, but others as well. In the end, all we will be able to see are smiles and happiness because at last, we accepted destiny.

nikki regalario


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