Feed My Seoul

For the first time in forever, I’ve been on a plane (read that with a tune… lol)

Loser it may seem but hey, everyone has their first times right?

Yet I wasn’t a loser at all… why? I found my Seoul.


In five days it’ll be a month since we’ve traveled Seoul Korea and to be very honest, I wish we never left and just stayed there. It was a very thrilling experience to me especially since that place speaks my heart. I know I’ve mentioned already before that I’m a kpop fan and guess what… I felt like dying knowing I was in the main place of everything I’m in love with. It was like a dream. And it sucks that I woke up from it.

So the main reason why we were there is because my big sis just turned 18 a month ago and it was a gift from our parents. Maybe on my 18th birthday I could make the same wish! (but then no we’re not that rich….) During our trip, we’ve been to different places inside the heart of Korea and it was amazing. I admit that it’s far way better compared to the Philippines. I love each and every bit that happened and I want to share everything here already. But for now, I’ll just show some pictures we have during our first night and while we were in the airport!

Have a nice day everyone 


(Here’s the birthday girl that time!!! Mikee, my older sis ^^)

 IMG_3937 IMG_3948 IMG_3985IMG_4001

(Looks like my bro here is the one modelling… not me… lol)

The next shots were already taken in the Incheon Airport and since our flight was delayed and we were able to arrive there by 1:00 AM, I got only a few :(

IMG_4048 IMG_4069 tumblr_mk2qt1PW7C1qb21tfo3_r1_250

IMG_4016 IMG_4010 IMG_4020 IMG_4006 IMG_4008 IMG_4012 IMG_4013

Please clearly notice my awkward faces… yes it’s very obvious… this happens when people are watching you while doing a photoshoot…

Collared top: Regatta

Sweater: Forever 21

Vintage shorts: Denisse’

Red Sneakers: La Fei Sports

Denim cap: Penshoppe

Watch out for more posts about my trip to Seoul!

xoxo, spicycinderella


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