Chillin’ with Her, Set 1

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to hang out with another girlfriend besides Miley. And we’re both fashion bloggers at the same time and addicted to clothes (most definitely) so why would miss this perfect moment for a new blog post?


Meet Bea Amarille, one of the best buds for this type of hobby!

Set 1


We were pretty much prepared for the shoot actually. I don’t know if it’s because we’re excited for it or what. Whatever reason though, I thank it. The day turned out well and we enjoyed every minute spent. Too bad though that we didn’t have any photographer to shoot us together so obviously the pictures were modeled by one alone :( Bea took my pictures and I did the same for hers!

For now it’s all about set 1 presenting these clothes and we hope you’ll love them! And don’t worry Cinderellas, this won’t be the last post I’ll have with this chic! We have 4 sets all in all so no need to miss her yet!


By the way guys! If you want to visit Bea’s blog site, here’s the link

And also here’s the link to my new Youtube account where I do my vlogs there!

Oh! This is the first time I’ll be showing off my new hairstyle through a blog post right? Sooo what do you think? Does this suit me more or you prefer the other one? Whatever. I adoreee this so much IMG_6261IMG_6255


On Bea

 White top: Zaira

Flowered Palazzo pants: Dosch

Sandals: Ipanema


Necklace: Forever 21

Floppy hat: Mags


On Nikki

Flowered Dress: Forever 21

Denim Vest: Navy Blue Jeans

Ankle Boots: Forever 21


Earrings: Forever 21

Vintage Watch: Vivid Colors Korea (this is definitely my fave watch )

Super cute Bear socks: Vivid Colors Korea


spicycinderella & Bea


Cinderella thoughts:

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