Seoul-Searching: Day 1

I’m back with my Seoul related posts and this time, I’ll be showing it off!


Just look at that wonderful view! I started the day with an awe and let’s find out if the end’s the same ;) Now to be very honest, I never expected that my expectations about Seoul would be true. I doubted its beauty on the start but I was left speechless once it finally appeared before me. Everything about it was perfect! I’m not exaggerating here, not at all… Okay maybe a little bit but I’m too fangirling that time that it seemed dreams do come true! Let’s clarify things here for a moment, I love KPop so I might be a little bias but then let’s set that aside and let me be just a normal traveler who traveled another country. And yes, I still see Seoul, South Korea the same. Perfect weather, fresh air, clean surroundings and perfect scenery. Nothing serious could bother my thoughts.


(With my siblings)

So from the hotel we stayed at, we looked for the nearest subway station to get to the next place written on our agenda. It wasn’t that far at all and it was amazing knowing that in every corner of this city has one! I cannot handle honestly how far we walked the whole time we were staying there and my legs cramped because I was so tired! It was fascinating to see the Koreans walking and running the long stairs without any drop of sweat and anything obvious that would say they’re tired already. All of them are kinda used to walking and even the elders were better than me! I therefore conclude that most Koreans are healthy and well (I’m so envious)!

Let’s now start the journey of my Seoul searching and I’ll go tour you too!

Day 1 agenda

Insadong – Edae – Hongdae


(A wonderful pathway that I shouldn’t miss taking a picture with)


I was definitely surprised by the view I was welcomed to.This is a shopping district found in Insadong known as Ssamziegil Mall.The place is full shops that people could definitely buy from and somehow has an upward never-ending pathway that we walk onto, but of course it does end ;) This is one of the tourist spots in the place because of its unique and eye-catching architecture.


And after that, we went straight ahead to Edae which is also famous for its shopping districts.


We — actually They (I don’t drink coffee besides frappe) grabbed a cup of coffee to relax a little bit before continuing and finally ending the first day’s trip! We did eat too and my goshhhh the foods in Alice House were delicious and I would be glad to go back there someday again!


We were calmly welcomed by the Hongdae streets and I have no idea what feels I got when I saw its lights. This place, if I may inform you, is used often in K Dramas and I just can’t explain how happy I went during this time. It is the streets of teenagers too (that’s what I heard from them…) since this is where they hang out mostly. Indie bands and others perform here too to add good vibe into the jam. We weren’t able to take shots anymore because our camera was full already T^T but at least we got the chance to take some at its very own famous playground!!! This playground was used in a lot of dramas and again… I with my sister fangirled aldjksjflkjglkjalgj (we weren’t able to take good shots because it was dark already and there was no proper lighting :< )


 Dress, Cinderella / Cardigan, CC Double O / Chukka Boots, Xinyi District Taipe / Yo! Snapback, Edae Street Marker / Leathered Backpack, Forever 21

It was a very great night for us. I was able to experience a lot of new things in just one night and I can’t wait to share more in the next days! It’s more than a month already since this occurred but it feels like it all ended just yesterday. I adore everything perfectly. Now before I end my post, I want to share my condolences and apologies to those who lost and suffered in the Sewol ferry tragedy and my prayers include your blessings. #PrayforSouthKorea

IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4237 IMG_4239

Oh! And I did end that day with an awe.




Cinderella thoughts:

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