Seoul-Searching: Day 2

I’m back to school next week and I’m not yet done sharing my summer stories! I just love Seoul so much.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

First stop for our third day and second Seoul searching was in Gwanghwamun Plaza. And I just can’t forget how wonderful the scenery was.


The sun was shining so bright and I just love how every walk faded into a memory I won’t ever forget. It was such a lovely day. At the same time, we were able to pass by Cheonggyecheon Stream. We also did the coin toss that was said to make every wish possible. Before we even got the chance to go here, I was so excited already just the thought of it because I started to remember the Seoul commercial made which stars the Super Junior and Girls Generation. And you know how much I adore them, right? Fangirling on a vacation isn’t forbidden so there I was, singing the Seoul song while finally walking on the streets I’ve only seen on the video.ImageImage

Orange Sweater, Bayo / Inner shirt, Regatta / Skater Skirt, Mary / Tights, Edae Street Market / Red Sneakers, La Fei Sports / Leathered Backpack and accessories, Forever 21


Next list on our agenda was the Bukchon Hanok Village.To get there, we didn’t ride on the subway but instead the bus and I almost freaked out since none of us knew how to. I mean, it has a different way compared to in the Philippines. But thank God, it was as easy as riding the subway.


Ta-dah! Korea’s traditional houses! Aren’t they cute? I like the interior of the place and most especially the feel of standing in the past. I have seen this place on shows and dramas and it is just too great that I was there that time. The village is practically huge! We roamed around there for an hour and awed at every perfection we saw.


On our way to Myeongdong, we saw these babies!!! Yes yes, they aren’t real babies. But c’mon they are my babies… okay I shall stop. These were prepared by the fans for their birthdays and they’re just too adorable and lovely. They are for your information, Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk) and Lee Sungmin of Super Junior (again, my babies).


First thing we wanted to spot in Myeongdong was any idol. And no, our day wasn’t that lucky. We just got the chance to see billboards and posters. Lots and lots of them that we didn’t bother anymore to take pictures of all. Second thing we wanted to spot was the SPAO clothing shop which the SM Entertainment owns and we found it! We bought a hoodie from it and went to Everysing, a store which sells merchandises (albums, photocards, etc.) of SM Entertainment artists afterwards. And yes, we did spend A LOT for it… :>

Myeongdong was no doubt a shopping district. It was so crowded yet in a pleasant way. We were able to do shopping and visited other stores that are owned by famous KPop artists. After the long walk, we went straight to Namsan Tower for a very dashing and infinite feeling evening.


We took a cable car to reach the tower and as expected, the excitement lingered through me once we were there.


It’s so cute that relationships meant so much to them! I cannot even remember how much couples we saw that night! There was a love lock in Namsan Tower too that couples would chain their promises and it meant forever. It was so lovey-dovey and I can’t wait to do this with my future boyfriend! (yes guys, I’m single. I hate men, kidding :>)

Our evening ended nicely (and cold by the way). 2 touring days left until I find my Seoul!



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