Chillin’ with Her, Set 3

I am back after five or six months!!! I don’t know if I was actually gone because of school works or just because I was too lazy… but anyway, here I am! I have a week of break so I might as well post anything here while I have time. So hallelujah for sembreak.



Obviously, I was supposed to post this last summer… :—) But since I am Nikki Regalario, the last set for this adventure of mine with my friend, Bea, just ends here! We added a little bit of summer love in the set so enjoy!

IMG_6407 IMG_6395 IMG_6387 IMG_6363 IMG_6377 IMG_6384IMG_6359You guys don’t need to miss her yet. I swear with my own life that there will be another photoshoot with her and might as well be with my other fashionista gals too! And thank God I’m back with new posts to come.

IMG_6363 IMG_6364On Bea: Turquoise Cover Top, Forever 21. Denim shorts, American Apparel. Swimsuit top, Rustan’s. Sunnies, Sunnies by Charlie.

IMG_6373IMG_6396On me: White cover top, Seventeen. Printed leggings, SM Department store. Swimsuit top, Sunkissed.

Hope you enjoyed!

lovelots, spicycinderella xx


Cinderella thoughts:

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