Finally a Cinderella

Senior Prom happened last February 21 and I can’t wait to let you all see my gown. I really really loved it and I’m hoping you will too!!!


To those who have been following me on Instagram, I bet you’ve seen these photos already but I’ll still share them here for the sake of those who have no idea.






I love my gown most especially because of its color! Teal is my new favorite and I added black and gold to the combination to add more classiness and elegancy. My purse is from Armani. I bet you adore it too! I got the idea of my dress on the internet and I just changed some small details to make it better.



Here is how my hair and make-up look. I curled my hair to look more mature so as to cover up my baby faced image (btw I’m already turning 18 and everyone thinks I’m just 14 HAHA).

I just really loved how everything looked! I finally graduated and I am sure senior prom was definitely an unforgettable evening. Eventhough I won’t live happily ever after as of now, I’m sure I was in a fairy tale even just for a few hours. And the clock struck midnight and all faded into memory.

xoxo, spicycinderella


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