Sky Turns 8!

928892_1597519043826591_1238995366_n 11176386_833569783345624_1621412673_n  11205782_393499687500999_912375226_nMy pet, Sky, just turned 8 last April 26! Out of the 80+ dogs we’ve got, he is surely my favorite and with that conclusion, we gave him a birthday party (as usual lol). So my family and I went to BGC and ate at TGIF. The waiters and waitresses even sang the birthday song for the birthday boy/pet. It was definitely crazy but hey, at least his ice cream was mine…

For that day, I had this ootd.

11176624_1566092273673577_410464572_nJumpsuit from Cotton On; Cropped top from H&M; Sneakers from Evans; Sunnies from Forever 21

It was a simple yet fashionable outfit so I really did love how I looked :)




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