First Day Hues

I have been dreaming of attending college since the first time I’ve heard of it – and finally, I’m in it.

It’s quite difficult to adjust especially now that I’m still on the first week of exploring my new life. I am preoccupied with requirements and class schedules but it’s really nice that I get to spend time with new people. I am currently in Ateneo de Manila University which makes my stay a lot more exciting. Moreover, I get the chance to have new ootds! For today, I’ll be able to show you my first day outfit.

11873999_944886872241592_503477361_n 11880210_944886905574922_249593707_nFor the day, I tried to look as feminine as possible because you all may know I’m more of the bubbly and casual type.

11844178_944886865574926_698073089_n 11880778_944886918908254_1057296456_n11850938_944886885574924_423708602_n 11850934_944886835574929_1825979021_n 11880761_944886928908253_1418252869_n11857590_944886842241595_59134805_n 11857512_944886855574927_488132428_nFor the day, I went with a simple navy blue cami top and red lace shorts (both from Wellworth), jelly flats, and a handbag (Nine West).

11850781_944886955574917_166771429_nI didn’t want to look too excited and overdressed so ending an outfit with a simple yet elegant necklace (Forever 21) gives the look a better style. Dressing up nicely is good but dressing up too much is a limit. We need to remember all the time that there are better days to show off those fancy heels and expensive jewelry. Make sure that your college ootds aren’t too extravagant so as not to attract negative opinions. Always keep our style simple but remember to have a little bit of touch of fairy dust, too.

Shout out to my Block, A4 and most especially to my friend and the shoot photographer, Nicole Garcia!




10 thoughts on “First Day Hues

  1. enjoy college!! congrats :D you look beautiful too :)
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. I see that you’re from Ateneo too…hehe, my younger brother’s also in the same batch as you (Batch 2015), though in a different course (AB HUM). :)

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