Best-loved Basic

Let me start by saying how much I am totally in love with my skirt and slip-ons. These days, nothing more completes my style with simple basic combinations. I paired a denim with black and white as you can see and this was definitely added up to my favorite list. Since I’ve started college, it has been a huge problem when it comes to pairing up clothes (besides harder lessons of course) so as a solution, basic outfits were my answer.

My top was not honestly just a top. It was basically a romper which I just hid the bottom using the skirt. I had a post before featuring that style and since I know I can add a bit more flavor with it, I used it again but this time, in a different way.

Top/Romper from JustG; Skirt from SM Dept. Store; Slip-ons from Parisian

Thanks to my not so hectic schedule (HURRAY FOR COLLEGE), I have time now to update often and have tons of new ootds. But hey, I won’t be promising about a new post soon. It’s not because of a busy week… but mostly because having a photo shoot inside the campus is just too embarrassing LOL I hope you guys adored my new fave look as much I did!!!

Thanks to my photographer Duvette Custodio! This is by far the best shoot I had since summer 2015!




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