A Letter For Your Unbroken Heart


Dear You,

Every time I look at you, pain cripples my heart. You are like poison that never fail to kill me. I hate loving someone when all it has given me were tears and sleepless nights.

I broke it off. I know that.

But leaving you never stopped me from loving you. And seeing you with her made things worse. How can you move on so easily?

Our love story was not epic nor a relationship every one calls their goal but it was a moment full of memories only us can understand. We had our ups and downs and the latter buried deep yet the flight above still make me smile. How come you forgot all of those?

While I was thinking of you – you were thinking of her; while I was missing you – you were running away; while I was loving you – I was clueless, too. I thought you just needed time to think. I never imagined nor hoped for you to take that as a chance to run away from me and run towards her.  How were you able to leave me?

I broke it off because you were unhappy. I saw the faded emotions in your eyes. You never saw mine and I was okay with that… because I thought letting you go will make you realize that maybe you need me back as much as I need you. Obviously, I was wrong. It only led you to realizing how much you love her and not me.


What did she do for you to stay with her? What does she have that I don’t? I made you smile in so many ways. I gave you my time just to hear your laugh. I wanted your kiss while I can feel your touch. What did I do wrong for you to feel different?

I do not regret the times I spent with you. My feelings were real and I indeed did love you. Possibly, I still do. But that’s not important now isn’t it? I just want  you to feel happy now… even though it will still give me tears and sleepless nights. At least this time, one of us gets what he wants.

Yours truly,

Disclaimer: Some of my letters aren’t really addressed for someone. If by chance it is a true story, I apologize | Photo from tumblr


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