Pre-Birthday Celebration

Last September 05, I turned 18 (which I’m actually not ready for). As someone who does not like extravagant parties and drinking alcohol, I just treated my college friends at UP Town Ayala Malls the day before my actual birthday. But before every fun started, my friends – Sofie and Fortunato – and I had a photo shoot first because that’s how much they love the birthday girl *winks*

It was really a wonderful day to have this roof top pictorial. In the Philippines, it’s a tropical country so often it would rain these days but right at this moment, the sunlight was at its best. For this post, I will be showing off not just my beautiful friends and small yet amazing pre-celebration, but also this navy blue striped dress that I got from Cotton On.

W my dancer buddy, Sofie!!!
Meet Fortunato or Tuna (as we call him)!!!! lol
Meet Fortunato or Tuna (as we call him)!!!! lol

Both of them have legit great photography skills and I thank them for being my alternate photographers hehe On the other hand, I thank Fortunato for being my photographer for my individual shoots woot woot

I love the length of this dress and how it fits perfectly on my body. It has a simple style yet very attractive. It would go well with plain shoes or sandals and just simple accessories. And yes, I gained weight over the 5 month summer break that we had so forgive the obvious change HUHUHU. Anyway, here are the peeps who made the day more memorable and wonderful!!!

I required them all to wear white because it’s nice and classy :-) I loved the chicken that we had in Kyochon and also the huge pizza of S&R!!! Thank you to my block A4 and other friends for the unforgettable celebration and shout out to the folks who found time to get me a gift! Soon I will be updating with another birthday celebration that I had with my family and I can’t wait for it.

18th. Bring it on.




7 thoughts on “Pre-Birthday Celebration

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