Shapeways: I Scream for 3D Prints

Cheers to another featured blog post! I scream for new sense of fashion so here goes the best these days… *drum rolls* – 3D PRINTS. Because of Shapeways, I was inspired to write an article about it and fan girl hard over this new trend!

DitaVonTeeseinMichaelSchmidtbyAlbertSanchezScreen-Shot-2015-08-17-at-6.43.43-PM-386x5003D Printing, I say, is the future of the fashion industry. It is not just because of the elegant vibe it gives, but also because of how detailed the proportions are – making anyone’s style eye-catching and most of all, trendy.

Statement shirts aren’t the only ones now who shouts for 3Ds but also accessories and dresses. In the recent Project Runway, this style was also featured and every viewer loved it. In my opinion, the pieces and designs were all stunning and I couldn’t ask for a better look. If I were you, I’ll go dashing to every store now to grab the latest buzz! I won’t waste my life with plain outfits anymore.

Shapeways offer 3D Printing Service and is based in New York City. They surely create breath-taking results, no doubt. Through Additive Manufacturing, products are built by adding layer-upon-layer of material.

“Products created using additive manufacturing techniques can be made in a variety of materials, from plastics to metals to ceramic. The technology is fluid and still evolving, and new materials are introduced at a more rapid pace than ever before.” says Shapeways.

Moreover, there are many uses and benefits that Additive Manufacturing offers. One for example is that it creates quick prototypes that for sure give way to designers and businesses a quick result of products. It is very efficient and worthwhile. Shapeways makes sure “to make additive manufacturing accessible to everyone.”

am-what-isWhat are you waiting for? Check out Shapeways now and you will be able to learn how to do Additive Manufacturing yourself! Plus, 3D Printing is the future of the fashion industry so don’t miss it out!




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