December Special: Wishlist

christmas special

Tis the season to be jolly! Fa la la la la, I need money

It is that time now for gifts and smiles! And I won’t deny it… I am excited as hell. As a person who’s obsessed with clothes, shoes and bags – my wants for Christmas do not end there. Here is my Fashion Wishlist which I am sure everyone can relate to!

(Click the photos and links to see the brands)

1. Phoebe – Sunnies StudiosCapture

2. Plaid Pleated Skirthmprod3. Denim Cropped Top (Forever 21)

4. Neoprene Sets02246750-015. Swimwear (yes, Christmas season can’t stop me from swimming)Capture2.JPG

6. Adidas Stans Smith x Rita Ora (IS2G I literally screamed when I saw this)adidas-Stan-Smith-White-Navy-Gold-1.jpg

7. White Converse Chuck Taylor (everyone needs it)M7652_standard.png

8. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tickets!!!bigcursed

9. Skirts from HappyMallow

10. New set of books! I wanna give a list but then it’ll take ages to write everything.


What’s your Christmas Wishlist? Share me your thoughts about it!

xoxo, spicycinderella


Cinderella thoughts:

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