December Special: For Him

for him.jpgChristmas is just around the corner and we all know we become clueless when it comes to getting presents for that loved one. Here is a special list for your guy that, in my opinion, is actually affordable! I will be giving out 3 different price ranges (that is less than Php3000/ $65) and 5 possible gifts for each category. Hopefully my list can help end the struggle!

Below Php1000

  • H&M Sweatshirt (Php599) – this product is not just very soft but also a very very wise choice of gift. I mean, the sweatshirt says it all.hmprod
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (Php399)- if your man is a bookworm (and dog lover)… this novel will be the best gift! Its unusual plot gives a different vibe (spoiler: it is told from a dog’s point of view)! It became a New York Times bestseller for more than 156 weeks and thus, I conclude that this gift will be hella
    • Forever 21 Plaid Fray Scarf ($14.90 / Almost Php700)- it’s a cold season! Your man will need some warm love (not the way you guys are thinking now ehem…)!              00158187-01
  • Sunnies Studios Pat (Php599)- If you want a simple yet classy style, get these sunglasses for your man.


  • Ideas that don’t include actual items/ won’t cost a lot:
    • baking or simply cooking dinner for your man
    • a random surprise performance for him (maybe sing his favorite song?)
    • open-when letters
    • a jar of things you two can do together
    • a list on why you love him
    • a photo album/portfolio of your moments together
    • a movie date or just a date outside which is your treat. Your man always pays so let him save money this time.
    • a mixtape – bring back the 80s! He’ll appreciate that :)
    • a 5-page short story of him and you; this is too cute that it will probably make him cry
    • make your own movie for him or probably a short video message that he can keep forever


  • Aeropostale Fitted Hat (Php1167) – since I am a fashionable type of person, I would also want my man (I don’t have one tho HAHA) to dress the same and with a simple hat like this, it’s already enough to melt anyone’s heart. This is best for those guys who love wearing caps even inside the house…paero1-21611720t386x450
  • Aeropostale Houndstooth Jogger Pants (Php1750) – this goes the same to fashionable guys! Or even just any guy honestly. Joggers have been a trend this year and I bet it still won’t end in 2016! Your man will also love how comfy these are for sure. paero1-21718354t386x450
  • GAP Marled Ribbed Beanie (Php1010) – this beanie goes in three colors but I choose burgundy heather since it shouts elegance with a little bit of swag. If your man loves to look like both, I say you get this. For a beanie that is %100 cotton and only costs this much, sure is worth it.cn9751822
  • GAP Classic Leather Wallet (Php1517) – every man needs a wallet that can fit their pockets and this small leather style is the one to get. It has space for interior ID, card and bills slots. For your businessman, it’s too sad if he did not get a wallet this year right?cn10210207
  • GAP Basic Leather Belt (Php1517) – I find guys in suits ridiculously mesmerizing and this belt will probably make them even more adorable. This product is very practical for your guy who works or your boyfriend who’s still studying since he can wear this during formal events and presentations!gp600175-00vliv01


  • GAP Solid Oxford Shirt (Php2025) – This is so chic that even I will wear it (but okay, it’s for your guy). Your man will love it the same way you will. Need I say more? cn9994130
  • H&M Shirt Jacket (Php2290) – It’s a shirt… and a jacket. COOL! Also, it is a cotton and a linen blend. I love the way its dark blue color looks like and just like the first option, this will look good on your guy.hmprod
  • H&M Desert Boots (Php2290) – GUYS. These pair of shoes is love! It has rubber soles and in suede style! If there’s one thing I know boys are obsessed of, it’s a pair of good shoes. And I swear, this is it.hmprod.jpg
  • Crate and Barrel Bar10der 10-in1 Bat Multi Tool ($39.95 / Almost Php2850) – I don’t know why but I heard guys have a fetish for bar utensils??? Well, if your man is that type – this one from Crate and Barrel will feed his wants. It is 10-in-1 so I bet he will “fanboy” over his new bae (kidding). stainless-steel-bar10der
  • Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir Fragrance 50ML (£39 / Almost Php2800) – This is the best gift I can think of honestly. Well, if you don’t actually care about the price since this one (also the Bar Multi Tool) almost costs Php3000. Every man loves a good scent on him and we, girls, actually die whoever smells captivating. Lacoste does not fail my appetite at all – when it be shirts, shoes, etc. For Christmas, why not be generous? At least you’ll make your man happy. With Noir Fragrance, I am sure he will be. 82448880_000_24

I hope my list helped you even just a little! I just gave you guys ideas. If these items do not satisfy you, it’s fine! I just wanted to share the thoughts I have in mind and to be honest, I still have no idea what I’ll give to the men in my life – precisely, my dad and brother. Oh! Speaking of which, this list does not limit only to husbands and boyfriends. Any man in your life can receive the same – friends, co-workers, etc.

But then remember, the price and type of gift you will give is not really important. It’s the thought that counts.

Have a nice week guys!

xoxo, spicycinderella


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