Favorites: Blogs for the Month of November

I’ve been changing the way I manage my blog and now, it’s not just about fashion and lifestyle – love letters, tips and faves come in the picture.

For this post, I’ll be sharing the top 2 blogs that I seriously love and had been checking out for the month of November. I will continue pursuing this routine for every month and hopefully, it will be a success :) So here we go!!!

1. LE ZOE MUSINGS – this blog is owned by Kellie Van and she focuses on doing creative lifestyle posts. I love how she casually shares her stories to her readers and make them feel at home. By reading them, I get to enjoy lounging on my bed and not get worried about how boring my day has been going on (her kids are adorable!!). Kellie enlightens the atmosphere by sharing her current mood on a certain occasion. Also, her DIY skills are legit one of a kind! Visit her site and be amazed the same way I am every time she has an update! (p.s. she does giveaways!!!)


Check out some of my favorites on her blog:

2. STYLEBREAKDOWN –  my second favorite blog is by Laura. Her style is, obviously, mostly about fashion and make-up. As a fashion blogger myself, this actually inspires me to do more. Her style and how she breaks down basic trends are just too captivating that it is impossible not to fall in love with it. I literally love her tips and reviews on certain products. This blog not just entertain me, but also teach me important details. In between those articles, she tries to blend in lifestyle as well and it couldn’t get any better! Visit her site if you still don’t believe me!


Here are some of my fave posts:

I hope you enjoyed this post! I can’t wait to share my faves for December soon!

xoxo, spicycinderella


3 thoughts on “Favorites: Blogs for the Month of November

  1. Thank you so much Nikki for all those amazing words, I am so glad you enjoy my blog. Honestly this made my day, especially since you also have such a beautiful blog yourself!!!!

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