Among all the hobbies I have in life, blogging and instagram-ing are my top favorites. It makes me CRINGE every damn time my posts are ridiculous and not just, you know, nice to look at.

I love getting all tumblr and artsy on my feed and of course, I get inspiration from different people’s own accounts. Just to give you an idea who they are, here are my top 5 picks THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. You guys should follow them too!!! like… right. now.

(in no particular order teehee)

1. CASSIE MASANGKAY | @cassiemasangkay

Cassie Masangkay, a Youtube vlogger (ToThe9s), has a lit Instagram feed that offers its viewers a glimpse of minimal shots of fashion and her daily life. I love how professional the vibe is yet friendly, as well. Cassie doesn’t disappoint me with any post and I crave to own her feed.

2. RICCI PAMINTUAN | @riccipamintuan

That’s right, Ricci Pamintuan is the second girl from ToThe9s and yes, I do love her feed as well. In my opinion, unlike Cassie’s, Ricci’s feed is more colorful but this difference between them is the reason why you should follow them both! They may give the same vibe but it’s just ILLEGAL not to admire the two separately.

3. KAREN YEUNG | @iamkareno

This youtuber from Los Angeles is also one of my favorite vloggers. Her style is so unique that I can’t help myself but to be inspired! Karen loves to take photos of herself and even though the feed isn’t minimal, it still gives off a vibe that’s classy and artsy. Just like her videos, her Instagram feed screams “FOLLOW ME OR YOU’LL REGRET IT”. So do it. (I do follow her btw, I just did the screenshot of hers while I was logged out)

4. EMILIE RISTEVSKI | @helloemilie

If you love nature then Emilie’s the girl you’ve been looking for. With more than 677K followers, she takes you to different places that will definitely make you gasp with awe. I love how professional her photos are and how much time she makes just to inspire her followers. There’s no single flaw on her shots and that’s why you should check her out.

5. PATRICIA HENSON | @patriciahenson

I have been inspired by Patricia since day one, tbh. The Filipina model brings her career to a different level with an Instagram feed that offers brands’ items and daily trips to random beautiful places. Her beach photos are TO DIE FOR and wait ’til you see her body which makes every boys and girls cry. I wish I have her life.

What do you think of their feeds? Would you follow and love them, too?

Tell me in the comments down below and don’t forget to check out my Instagram account as well!

xoxo, spicycinderella



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