I just want someone to love me for who i am, but it’s a shitty world and no one gives a fuck.

I didn’t expect you to come. Like a knight in shining armour, you saved me from drowning in a previous painful heartbreak. You came and let me discover new things. You let me fly once more.

But now I’m drowning again because you decided to leave and let me fly alone – and I couldn’t do it for you held my wings and I couldn’t make it. I just broke.

You were too good to be true but at the same time, painful to have.

Thank you for making me feel wonderful things that kept my mind and heart going. In the span of 3 weeks, you opened my eyes into possibilities that only you and I can accomplish – but it’s too late. You’re gone. We’re gone.

And I thought you’ll love me in some way, somehow. But I guess I was not enough for you couldn’t wait and let me grow with you.

It’s a shitty world and I thought you gave a fuck.

You wanted my kiss, I subtly wanted yours too. You wanted new beginnings, I wanted them to happen with me – and I know it’s too late; I know that these new beginnings are beginnings that don’t include me in the picture anymore.

You said we can remain friends. Friends? I don’t give a fuck.

But I’ll continue to miss you because you let me realize that love means having to sacrifice and act stupid. I’ll miss our music and our first date – how you looked at me while I sing and stare at the night sky. I’ll miss how you held my hand in those few minutes, hoping I didn’t let go – hoping YOU didn’t let me go. I’ll miss you.

Thank you for trying, thank you for breaking my heart…

At least we tried in this world that’s shitty where no one gives a fuck.

Maybe someday someone will love me for who I am where I don’t need to expect and try to fit in. Maybe. Just maybe.

(nov. 3, 2016 2:50AM)


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