S/S 2017

Spring and summer fashion trends for the year 2017 are full of bright colours, floral pieces, minimal design, and the year-2000-vogue. Together with my team, I have decided to create and re-create looks that are missed and are currently in the market. Check out the photos below and be inspired by the season’s fad!

Huge thanks to our models, Kim Turingan and Misha Fabian!

(click the photos for a full view)


Planning the shoot was difficult, given our different schedules and the proposals I had to make for us to use the studio for free. Nonetheless, everything was worth it once we were all set and getting ready for the day itself.

For the first shoot with Kim, I present the baddie where the colour red pops and little details are simply up for grabs. I gave Kim a black bralette with a flower on the middle and paired it with a denim skirt. I love the simplicity of the outfit together with the red bomber jacket! I added long earrings and a bandana headband which helped change the mood of the style in an instant.





With Misha’s first outfit, I made her look elegant but casual at the same time. I love how white looks with pink so I decided to put Misha in a full-white attire and handed her pink accessories that speak girly and fresh. To make the outfit less formal, Misha wears a white high-cut Converse.

solo 1

7Processed with VSCO with b1 preset136


In this second set for Kim, I honestly choose this as my favourite since I love the way the colour blue blends with orange. Kim wears a blue top and pairs it with a darker blue joggers. As a stylist, I’m the type to mix only 2 or 3 colours for the outfit so as to stay minimal and effortless, but remain sophisticated. Just like in this look, Kim seems ready for a morning jog, however looks otherwise for she’s wearing beige-coloured mules. The hoop earrings and the bandana choker complete the look.

1solo 1


solo 4


If blue & orange is my favourite for Kim, yellow is the one for Misha. I was inspired by the hype beasts in this look but remembered to still dress in a monochrome. For 2017, I choose yellow as the colour of the year despite what the professionals say. Yellow is bright and just always eye-catching. Here, Misha wears a yellow head-to-toe outfit and a bucket hat from Champion. I gave her nude Vans to look like a skater girl and a black bandana bracelet to give the look a third hue.

215solo 2solo 1


Vogue said at the early months of the year that floral patterns will be a trend once more and they are, once again, right. Flare jeans are paired with a front-knot top and I gave her a red belt to look less simple. Instead of an overall urbane get-up, I gave Kim floral sunglasses to look more ready for spring and summer.

solo 13




And for the final set, Misha just wears a black bandeau and striped trousers. My goal for this look was to make Misha ready for a girl’s night-out. The huge hoop earrings I made her wear is a bonus in getting everyone’s attention. The outfit is also perfect for Misha since she can elegantly show off her toned body. With the pink belt, altogether, this look is perfect for every girl ready to party.1solo 1

Styled by Nikki Regalario
HMU by Maye Deles
Photos by Geela Garcia
Post-Processed by Nikki Regalario
Assisted by Alyssa Llaguno



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