SC x Arhaus: My Dream Dressing Room

collage.jpgphotos involved in this post are from pinterest and were only used as an inspiration for a better read

Every girl in love with fashion always had and will always have her very own dream dressing room. The same goes for me. I’ve always pictured mine full of mirrors and everything made of glass – from the cabinets to the ceiling – but as of today, my wardrobe, stuffed with folded clothes and messy arrangements, is covered in the hues of brown. And I would love to change that someday (as soon as possible…).


While browsing Arhuas’ living room furniture page, I got inspired in making a blog post about how my dressing room would look like when pictured away from my mind.

I want to keep mine minimal and clean. It’s a room full of white with my clothes hanging openly, without any cabinets and pullouts, touched by the sunlight from the huge window present. Since I am a fashion blogger, I’ve noticed that the lighting during photoshoots has always been a big problem and so, taking an #ootd shot would be perfect with a simple natural lighting.

Nonetheless, there’s still a pretty chandelier hanging from the mirrored ceiling with more lights surrounding it. Check out more options from Arhaus here.

I would also love a small powder room where I can do my make-up flawlessly. Of course, there should be lights against the mirror and a white table with an accent chair to complete the feminine style. Flowers would be put up and my make-up brushes shall be easily available.

I don’t really want any closed cabinets in my dream closet. I just want to see my clothes as soon as I enter my favourite place with the shoes and heels placed in the middle (do you hear my heart screaming haha). There should be, somehow, pull-out cabinets for my underwear, jewelry, and other accessories I have!

And then of course, there should be a special place for my bags. Just an easy and very accessible place for them. I don’t want them hanging but just placed perfectly still.


For the last touch, to complete my dream closet, a pink furred sofa or an armchair shall be placed near a mirror together with my white carpeted floor that I can rub my toes in whenever I choose my outfit for the day & night.


Everything would look really dreamy and lovely, I just need my friends and a bottle of champagne when this comes into life.



SC x AUrate: DAY & NIGHT

In today’s fashion industry, night outfits are often worn in daytime. I usually stroll a good afternoon with a silk camisole and denim shorts, then spending the evening looking the same. However, mixing and matching clothes these days are still quite difficult especially during a whole day bash.

But here, let me tell you how I easily came up with styles that feature the same top for two different events. Featuring a white cropped top from ZARA and inspiration from AUrate New York, this one was an exciting article to accomplish.


Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This cute simple top was very easy to wear. It’s slim string made me feel classy and sophisticated. I decided to pair it with distressed boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 with an orange belt to make sure that I’m showing some skin but not too much *wink*.  The slip-ons from Primadonna, honestly my monthly fave, made the look more appealing and comfortable. With the string bag from Stradivarius, I was ready for an afternoon time with my girls.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

What really made me love this look was the photoshoot itself… I’m a sucker for aesthetically appealing interiors and my friend’s house was just very pretty. Obsessing aside, you guys should really check out these slip-ons because I’m pretty sure you’re missing something!

When you’re out on a simple date with friends (or a man), be definite about your choice of colors. I choose white for a feminine style, but don’t be scared to dress with rainbows, always be sure that the colors match then you’re ready to go.


Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Next, we have the night look which will certainly make your heart squeal with pleasure.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

(p.s. don’t mind the I.D. I was wearing. I was one of the organizers of the event so I had the opportunity to be in the VIP area yehey)

I simply paired the top with mini-shorts which says “EIGHTIES CREW” on its label. These were from H&M and it got the vibe of an athletic look at the same time a sexy appeal. The running shoes from ADIDAS, never spoke “sport” for the evening. Because of its pink features, it matched well with the rest of my look. I made sure that my earrings from Forever 21 and mini-shorts looked amazing individually.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

If I’m going to be obsessing over something with this look, it’s gonna be the earrings. These babies, pink and dangling, got a lot of appreciation from the goers of the party. Since the fashion industry is once more haunting the looks of the 80s and 90s, make sure that you have accessories that scream Andie Walsh and Cher Horowitz!

Speaking of accessories, AUrate New York offers jewelry that forever make our hearts melt, ladies. With my day & night looks, I found a lovely bracelet from their website which I’ll be delighted to wear together with my outfits!


It’s simple, perfect for a morning rendezvous, and eye-catching, meant for any evening event. If you want to know more about AUrate, make sure to check them here and see their earring collection since they’re some of their best sellers!

I hope everyone’s having a lovely day (& night)!



Kim Cruz: A Life Of A Young Blogger

Around July 2016, I got the chance to interview Kim Cruz, a model and fashion blogger, for a required feature article in one of my classes. My professor loved my work and now, I just want to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Because the interview happened in 2016, some details (age, sponsors, etc.) in this article do not apply anymore.

IT’S A SUPER HOT WEDNESDAY, and I am sitting on a hot stoned bench alongside Ateneo de Manila University’s sec walk, waiting for student-blogger Kim Cruz to meet me. The 18-year-old young fashion enthusiast texted me a few minutes ago, “I’m on my way!” Ten minutes have passed yet all I am witnessing is the crowded route packed with noisy civilians and sweating shirts. Then a beautiful aura emerged.

She is wearing a navy blue strapless top and denim-buttoned skirt, her sleek brown hair flowing gracefully as she walks pass the people. Each and every one of them giving way for the teenager whose eyes captivated by whatever’s on her phone. She flashes a smile on her screen. I wonder. She sees me after I call out her name, “Kim Cruz!” and flashes another smile but this time on me, and I don’t know if it is just a coincidence but a sudden breeze appears and the weather doesn’t seem so bad after all.

In the past few months, whenever Cruz’s the talk of the town, all I ever heard were negative comments and smears. People I know aren’t big fans of the teen blogger and out of all the insults I have heard, these were the most famous ones: “She’s trying too hard”, “She’s not even pretty”, and “She buys her followers online!” It was the first time I heard of her. My first impression of Cruz wasn’t good and I can totally say that she’s not worth being idolized.

As a curious listener, I searched her online and saw a different person: “NEW IT-GIRL”, “KIM CRUZ: A MUST”, “SM YOUTH’S NEW AMBASSADRESS”, and so much more. I had no idea she is this big in the fashion industry already. I can’t seem to conclude how she’s trying too hard when she doesn’t need to anymore. A bolt of interest got inside me. Why is this young girl hated by many? As a result, I get to meet her.


Cruz hugs and tells me how it’s so nice to meet someone in school who’s interested in her fashion style. She gives me another smile while she sits down beside me.

It is sweet. The perfume she is wearing smells like Victoria’s Secret’s Sheer Love. “It’s just Penshoppe! Cool, right?” she says, tilting her body to the left and smiling again. I find out that the local brand, Penshoppe, is her sponsor – clothes, shoes, and perfume.  Alongside Zalora and SM Youth, Cruz models for other brands too.

When I ask her about her normal routine every day, she sighs before smiling again, “I’m just a normal student! I wake up in the morning to fix myself, go to school, go back home, go to an event, go back home then study then sleep!” She sighs once more. “It’s hectic. But yeah, I came to love this routine already.” She tilts her body again to the left before brushing her hair off her shoulders, then smiled. I ask more about her family and how different her life may be without modelling. “Actually, I’m just a normal person! I get tired A LOT OF TIMES and I NEED SLEEP ALL THE TIME so yeah… without modelling, I’ll just be my parent’s daughter!” She also adds how she’ll still be cramming an English paper when she won’t be too busy anymore! Typical student indeed. Cruz laughs and flashes her white pearls on me – she is really beautiful.

Kim Cruz tells me about her dream job, a stylist. She admits how age limits her choices but led her to something inspiring, “I wanted to be a Stylist but it’s hard to be one when you’re young so I had no choice but to style myself.” The small dream let her experience become something different but also something very worthwhile. For an 18-year-old, being interviewed by different brands, walking on fashion shows, and getting sponsored by even just the smallest shop are already extreme opportunities. What more can she do then soon? Perhaps even bigger.


A little over a week after the small talk, I see Cruz again inside a girl’s bathroom of the Ateneo campus. She slowly brushes her hair with a thin comb, carefully removing the ugly strands. I hear her phone vibrate inside her bag, she still doesn’t notice me. She says hello and even without the caller in front of her, she lets out a big smile, letting every lady witness her flawlessness. She turns around and stops to say hi to a friend she sees inside the common room. Turns out, her friend is also a friend of mine. I stand unwanted to be seen, a little self-conscious of my own “flawlessness”.

But too late. Cruz puts her phone down to have a chit-chat with me and our friend. She asks how our day was and tells us how hot every day is for her. We agree and I try to act cool, secretly fixing my hair. It is my turn now to use the toilet and Cruz notices this for she pulls me to a soft hug and bids goodbye. Her deep voice remains in my ear and I try to imagine her with a different tone, probably a little higher to match her feminine looks. But this side of her isn’t awful, it is in fact one of her charms.

The sudden meet-up is awkward for me but it doesn’t seem like that for Cruz. She was all smiling and bubbly, a little too friendly indeed for someone who she just met once. But it is okay. I realize Cruz is a friend of everyone! I notice her waving on random people almost every minute of my time with her and it is amazing how one girl can be everyone’s girl – not in a bad way, but the best way you can think of.

As soon as I felt my pockets vibrate on another hot day, I know right then what is coming ahead. My palms sweat and my heart beats faster but it isn’t because of awkward conversations anymore, I am excited to hang out with Cruz.


Photos from Kim Cruz

I got a text around 12 Noon of a Friday and now, I’m walking alongside Cruz, on the way to meet up SMART COMMUNICATIONS for another sponsor activity. November 2014 was her year, where she all intended her wanted future. happened and only a year and a half has passed yet everything is already going as planned! The small gathering is happening in Zen Garden. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” flies in town soon and Cruz will be receiving free premier tickets! LUCKY GIRL! The place is a little packed – cameras everywhere, men in briefs inside-out, fake capes unable to soar. Cruz pats me on the shoulder to assure me she’ll be back after one of the personnel talks to her. She wears a white off-shoulder top, denim pencil skirt and her favorite Nike air-max; no heavy make-up, just her smile to complete the look.

Another person gives Cruz a hug and they talk for a little while before she leads Cruz in front of the camera. Cruz remains silent while she listens to the instructions given to her. She nods in agreement. The film rolls and Cruz speaks while holding two tickets on her hands. It’s funny, she isn’t a Smart user yet they chose to let her promote the movie! What’s even funnier is that amongst the many opportunities Cruz has been given, she hasn’t decided what the biggest one is yet. She sees them as little roles while I see them oppositely. Yet, as she shares the fact to me, I don’t hear bragging but humility. It is an honest claim and she claims to be normal and just blessed.

Cruz comes back and asks me to join her for lunch. I agree before even asking her if she’s busy. We walk the stony steps and I smell the sweet scent of her again. She hits one of the passersby and stops to apologize, smiling. She trips on the short sidewalk and laughs the mistake off. She asks me want I want to eat, I stare at her before saying “Anything’s alright, Kim.” And I smile.

People entitle Kim Cruz as a “wanna-be famous star”, a blogger not worth anticipating. But Kim’s also just a teenager. Just someone who’s a little ahead of everyone her age. But that doesn’t mean hates and rumors will solve the unfair world.

Kim’s amazing and I can’t wait to watch her bloom even more in the fashion industry.

Check her out: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

xoxo, spicycinderella

SC x Adoreme: Valentine Special

Sorry, singles. It’s not our day.

From awkward first dates to fancy dinner nights, Adoreme is here to make sure Valentine’s day is worth the wait!

Ladies and gentlemen, what are you up to today? Are you more of the conservative yet sweet girl? Or an all out I-dont-care-about-money-I-just-want-to-make-her-happy kind of boy? If you’re still confused as hell – and you want to be the best partner even just for today – you’re on the right page for simple yet awesome tips!


I may be single but God knows I’m the Dumbledore to your Harry – so listen up and be informed.

Ask your partner or your crush out on a date! It doesn’t matter how late or boring it will be, as long as you had the guts to speak out and make someone smile, I’m sure he/she will appreciate it!



If you enjoy spending money and strolling around the mall window shopping and mentally giggling because of the kilig, these gift ideas will definitely make your partner feel the butterflies too!



Americans, go out and avail that 25% discount!!! You’ll spend less and at the same time, enjoy the night with your loved one! BONUS.

And girls, if you love cooking, show your man that talent. Take him home and let him fall for you even more! I’m 101% positive Valentine’s night will be better.



As a fashion blogger, looking good on Valentine’s day is a must especially when you’re in love! Go out and dress your best! Wear something you know your partner will love but most of all, you’ll be confident and comfortable with. (Tip for girls: if your partner will take you somewhere, best to ask if you need heels or sneakers! You don’t wanna go around running with a 4-inch stiletto!) 

And that’s it! Valentine’s day will definitely be fun! Just try to stay calm and enjoy whatever you’ll do. Remember also that the best gifts one could receive are love and appreciation. Never forget to say “thank you” to that special someone!

p.s. singles are loved too (and we rock)

xoxo, spicycinderella

These super cute advice cards were created by Adoreme to help everyone have the best Valentine’s Day- for more inspiration and to ramp up the love check out some of their sexy styles here!

SC x blueREP Presents: Real Life Fairytales

Different lives, different stories.

I walked inside the walls of Fine Arts Theater in Ateneo de Manila University. I felt the cold air brushing through my skin and heard the soft squeals of the excited audience. It was the evening of September 17 (Friday), and I was about to witness a fairytale – or so I thought.

There were lights. There was music. And the show began.

The Ateneo Blue Repertory (blueREP), a theater organization consisting of talented students, invited me to attend their opening show, Real Life Fairytales, for the beginning of the school year. Directed by Missy Maramara, the play turned out to be one of the best I’ve seen. As the type of person who’s very picky and uninterested with stage plays, I was surprisingly mesmerized by this blueREP original, and I don’t regret accepting the offer even the slightest bit.

I came across different characters as the play progressed and introduced different plots. There was a search for a happy ending when there seemed to be none, a search for love and happiness, a quest to grasp real beauty, a craving for lost love, a confusion over a strange attraction, and an adventure of conquering fear and pushing it aside. These six stories slowly and carefully made an impact to the audience – short breaths, rounds of applause, tears.

I was sitting a few feet away from the stage, just one row behind the VIP’s, focused and intrigued. My legs started to feel numb from the two-hour show, but I just shrugged it off, knowing it was worth it, as every second was jam-packed and oozing with feeling. My heart kept beating, tantalized by the shocking scenes and tear-jerking lines. My body trembled over words and scenes that unfolded right before my eyes. Here’s a sneak peak of one of my favorites: “I don’t love you anymore.” With the actor’s brilliant delivery of that line, I was overcome by a wild roller coaster ride of emotion. I felt the pain – sudden and sharp pangs, which totally blew me away and threw me off the edge of my seat. Every scene turned out to be painful and gut-wrenching, but I loved it.

I found myself relating to the characters in one way or another. The performances were bold, raw, and powerful. Like them and like everyone else, I’m just trying to find my own fairytale in this crazy, crazy, real life.

It’s honestly really challenging to talk about what happened in the show since I’m avoiding spoiling anything. But in all honesty, it’s better that you guys catch it live so we can obviously fangirl over it. Here are my favorite scenes and characters from the show, at the same time, I was able to interview Justine Narciso, Juancho Escoto, Nikki Cadiz and Alex Masucol. (Warning: the interview consists of spoilers. I strongly suggest that you watch RLF as soon as possible first before continuing! You won’t regret following my advice.)


Narciso claimed that during her memorable scene, The Sandman, “Ayaw” was her favorite line. “It’s something Rosie (Narciso’s character) says a lot in the scene,” she said, “and my director, Missy Maramara, really helped me explore the different ways to say it and the growth and journey of the word in the scene.” Narciso added.

In the said scene, the plot revolved around something heavy, drastic, and painful. I was really, deeply affected, for all the emotions displayed by the character seemed eerily real. That performance is one for the books, for sure. I was cringing and cowering in my seat the whole time, not because of the acting – it was impeccable, by the way – but because of the theme it was trying to address. I was moved to tears, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I hoped the goosebumps would go away, but it didn’t. That’s how strong and powerful the execution was.

“But above all, especially when it comes to rape and abuse, NO means NO. That word is so powerful and there are people who take it for granted and use it against others. “NO MEANS NO” should be reiterated again and again to society to remind people that it is NEVER the victim’s fault,” Narciso then shared her deepest opinion about the plot’s issue. “That’s why the word, AYAW, is so important to me!”


The second scene that totally caught my attention focused on letting go, but at the same time, learning when to stay. Escoto was able to play his character flawlessly in this story. I asked him about his favorite line and his own opinion about it. He said, “My favourite line is the last line in the song. ‘Someone please fix me. Fix me. Fix me.’ That was Lance’s last cry for help knowing that he’s gonna leave Gwen grieving.”

Gwen, the girlfriend of Escoto’s character, Lance, suffered all throughout, and I guess this lets the audience view a more realistic image of the play that hits close to home – seeing a loved one in pain, all the while thinking your pain is greater.

“All his plans and dreams unrealized for her. He’s always accepted his death, but its imminence caught him off guard. It’s just so saaaad!” Escoto added.


For the next favorite scene of mine, it includes a completely complicated story.

“Playing Isabelle, I guess one of my favorite lines would have to be from “Slow Dance”, the song I sing together with my scene partners: And though you won’t let me inside, everything I need to know is written in your eyes.” Cadiz said.


BlueREP didn’t just have an outstanding set of actors and actresses, the songs and choreographies used were also beyond captivating. Just like what Cadiz said, the lyrics already triggered emotions and the audience didn’t need anything else.


Alex Masucol played different characters in Real Life Fairytales. He was included in three different scenes. What’s amazing about these actors of blueREP is that they can portray different roles all at the same time – comfortable, confident, and without any difficulty. I really, really admire the effort they all put into each performance.

For one of his characters, David, Masucol’s favorite line was “Yeah? Well, what does Jesus look like?” For Mr. Lin, “But grief is part of it. You can’t just let go of someone like that.” And lastly, “Woah, boner kill,” is his favorite for Tim. These different lines portray different emotions and feelings. Whether it’s comedy or romance, Masucol was able to pull his characters off.


(photo credits: Ateneo Blue Repertory)

Real Life Fairytales was perplexing, poignant, punchy, punny, and passionate all at the same time. Powerful is an understatement. The Fine Arts Theater, cold and strange and filled with murmur and buzz in the beginning, ended up with people having awestruck eyes, ear-to-ear smiles, and contented hearts.

I, for one, admit that the musical, with its various vignettes, made me realize what the real world is truly all about. We keep on trying to reach what’s ideal, when all this time, we just have to accept the fact that, although we may never exist in a fairytale, we can always try our best to live in the moment and make it as magical – even more.

Smile. Be happy. Take off and fly.


spicycinderella | angel baccay

It’s the last week of RLF! Don’t miss it!

Shows are at 8PM on September 13-17, 20-24, 27-30 and October 1 while 3PM shows are on September 17, 24 and October 1.

Tickets are priced at P300 each. For ticket inquiries, contact Nicole Garcia at 09065745545; for ticket reservations, go to #RLFblueREP

“I hope that you all find time to watch the play, because the stories we tell talk about issues that truly resonate with us. In RLF, our fairytales are more than just fantasy and magic. We want to share a story of truth, for the most part. For those who’ve watched, thank you so much for all your love and support, because it truly is appreciated. We hope you can help spread the word about this show, and hopefully this play has touched you just as much as it has touched us.”

Nikki Cadiz

“Please watch Real-Life Fairytales! These stories deserve to be heard. In a way, we are trying to really reach out to those who have experienced these situations in real life and we want to show them that they are not alone and that there are people out there willing to help.”

Alex Masucol


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Favorites: Blogs for the Month of November

I’ve been changing the way I manage my blog and now, it’s not just about fashion and lifestyle – love letters, tips and faves come in the picture.

For this post, I’ll be sharing the top 2 blogs that I seriously love and had been checking out for the month of November. I will continue pursuing this routine for every month and hopefully, it will be a success :) So here we go!!! Continue reading “Favorites: Blogs for the Month of November”