SC x Arhaus: My Dream Dressing Room

collage.jpgphotos involved in this post are from pinterest and were only used as an inspiration for a better read

Every girl in love with fashion always had and will always have her very own dream dressing room. The same goes for me. I’ve always pictured mine full of mirrors and everything made of glass – from the cabinets to the ceiling – but as of today, my wardrobe, stuffed with folded clothes and messy arrangements, is covered in the hues of brown. And I would love to change that someday (as soon as possible…).


While browsing Arhuas’ living room furniture page, I got inspired in making a blog post about how my dressing room would look like when pictured away from my mind.

I want to keep mine minimal and clean. It’s a room full of white with my clothes hanging openly, without any cabinets and pullouts, touched by the sunlight from the huge window present. Since I am a fashion blogger, I’ve noticed that the lighting during photoshoots has always been a big problem and so, taking an #ootd shot would be perfect with a simple natural lighting.

Nonetheless, there’s still a pretty chandelier hanging from the mirrored ceiling with more lights surrounding it. Check out more options from Arhaus here.

I would also love a small powder room where I can do my make-up flawlessly. Of course, there should be lights against the mirror and a white table with an accent chair to complete the feminine style. Flowers would be put up and my make-up brushes shall be easily available.

I don’t really want any closed cabinets in my dream closet. I just want to see my clothes as soon as I enter my favourite place with the shoes and heels placed in the middle (do you hear my heart screaming haha). There should be, somehow, pull-out cabinets for my underwear, jewelry, and other accessories I have!

And then of course, there should be a special place for my bags. Just an easy and very accessible place for them. I don’t want them hanging but just placed perfectly still.


For the last touch, to complete my dream closet, a pink furred sofa or an armchair shall be placed near a mirror together with my white carpeted floor that I can rub my toes in whenever I choose my outfit for the day & night.


Everything would look really dreamy and lovely, I just need my friends and a bottle of champagne when this comes into life.



Sky Turns 8!

928892_1597519043826591_1238995366_n 11176386_833569783345624_1621412673_n  11205782_393499687500999_912375226_nMy pet, Sky, just turned 8 last April 26! Out of the 80+ dogs we’ve got, he is surely my favorite and with that conclusion, we gave him a birthday party (as usual lol). So my family and I went to BGC and ate at TGIF. The waiters and waitresses even sang the birthday song for the birthday boy/pet. It was definitely crazy but hey, at least his ice cream was mine…

For that day, I had this ootd.

11176624_1566092273673577_410464572_nJumpsuit from Cotton On; Cropped top from H&M; Sneakers from Evans; Sunnies from Forever 21

It was a simple yet fashionable outfit so I really did love how I looked :)